If your cement garage floor has cracked, it can cause a safety hazard and then lead to greater problems if it is not repaired correctly. It is a simple project to investigate cause of crack and to address it with the correct technique.

Consider the main cause

Consider the actual cause of the crack before you attempt to repair it so as to prevent damages in the future. There is no point in repairing the crack if the floor is going to open up again in a few months’ time. A good example is if there are large trees near your garage. They may have roots that reach under the floor that is disturbing the cement and causing it to crack.

Cracks can also be caused by standing water. If water is allowed to freeze, the resulting ice expands and then widens any tiny crack it has seeped into, quickly damaging the concrete floor. If a foundation is not constructed properly, it can also the floor to crack.

Clean the floor to assess the extent of the damage

Sweep the garage floor and also remove any loose cement and debris with a wire brush. If there are oil or grease stain on your cement garage floor, clean it with a solution of Trisodium Phosphate and water. Mix as suggested in the manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure to protect your eyes and skin if you use this product.

Repair small cracks

Use regular cement to repair a small crack in a cement garage floor. Mix the cement with water to form a paste like that of toothpaste. This should be applied to the crack with a putty knife, then smooth the surface off to be level with the rest of the floor. Allow the repaired area to dry a little and then cover with a plastic tarpaulin or sheet. If the cement dries too quickly, there is always a risk of it cracking again, therefore, ensure you sprinkle few drops of water on the repaired area every day till the surface is perfect.

To repair larger cracks

You will need a more advanced product–latex cement if the crack in your cement garage floor is bigger than a hairline. This product is better for this kind of repair because it expands and contracts with humidity and temperature, and it won’t lead to further problems. This kind of cement comes in straightforward kits that are easy to apply. Mix the cement and latex together and apply the mixture in layers to the crack. Leave a few minutes in between each layer if needed. Level it to the rest of the floor. At this stage, if the crack extends to the door way, you must be careful not to ulter the structure so to still enable garage door installation, if you are finding this stage difficult, you can as well hire a professional to finish the process.