Painting Your Brick Fireplace

Painting Your Brick Fireplace

If you have a chance to give your brick fireplace an emotional new look, all it takes is a little effort or elbow grease and a couple of tools, and some paint. gives few steps to follow in painting a brick fireplace and change the look of your room.

Make Sure You Have the Right Material

Many things can be included in a good to-paint list, most brick fireplaces— sandstone, limestone, river rock, for example—are less amiable and difficult to change once you do a painting on them.

Occasionally, if you think you might need to paint your fireplace, make sure you surround it with a brick first.

Clean the fireplace

If you want your paint adheres and dries appropriately, you will have to clean the block thoroughly with a wire scrub brush to get off any soil or dust.

Apply No sudsy Trisodium Phosphate which is also known as TSP. Make sure you put on your gloves and goggles for safety and wash completely and thoroughly using a heavy-duty washer.

After washing, leave it to dry. Tape off the regions that you do not want to paint.

Prime the brick

If you make a proper use of the fireplace with a stain-blocking, and oil-based paints, they can assist in guarding your paint against future smoke stains.

To apply, lay a drop material and apply paint to the whole surface, following the manual as indicated on the can by the manufacturer.

Paint the brick

The moment you feel the primer has dried up, then it is time to paint and maybe coat once or a few times. Pick a good indoor latex paint, either level, semi-gloss, or gleam that is evaluated to withstand temperatures created by the fireplace (usually around 200° Fahrenheit), and a roller meant particularly for textured surfaces.

The last will assist in covering the surface of the block, which is most likely not by any means smooth. For any detects that you cannot achieve with a roller, touch it up with a paintbrush. Then, you will apply both second and third layer as required.

Note: This kind of paint is only suitable for the exterior of a brick fireplace, not the interior of the firebox. If you need to paint the firebox, you will need to require a heat resistant paint.