A pressure washer is a tool that can be used to clean your property. It can remove graffiti and any unwanted dirt and debris on the side of your home or on the fencing. However, It can only do these when it is working properly. Therefore, it is important to know pressure washing repair and how to troubleshoot the equipment.

1. Low Pressure

Low pressure for a pressure washer is mostly caused by an incorrect or worn out nozzle. Ensure that there is water coming to the equipment properly because a hose going up a hill will delay water pressure from arriving. Worn out or broken nozzles should be replaced as soon as they are discovered.

2. If pressure washer Is running very rough

The number one reason why a pressure washer can start running rougher than usual is if the inlet water is too hot. To get the best results, use cold water. If you aren’t using hot water and everything looks fine, then it’s likely you’ve got mechanical damage within your crankcase and this is not a problem you can generally repair on your own.

3. Leaking Pressure Washer

Worn out seal is one of the most common problems in pressure washer repair. There are several seals distributed throughout the design of the pressure washer and the leakage could be caused by the failure of any of the seals. It is not only water that can leak, oil leaks are also common.

Check your seals at least twice in a year and replace any one that looks worn out. Leaks can also be caused by worn out plungers or packing. This can happen after using the pressure washer for a while. You will need to replace the damaged seals it is the cause for the problem.

4. Pulsating pressure washer

This is mostly caused because of a dirty discharge valve or inlet. Be sure to clean these out thoroughly after using it for 5 to 6 times.

5. Pressure washer not starting

If you have fuel and oil in your pressure washer, the next thing to check is the primer pump. The fuel primer for the engine needs to be pumped 6-7 times on the first start-up of the season and about 3 times for every other start-up.

There are some electric pressure washers that won’t start either. This is usually caused by inadequate power supply attached to the equipment.

Those are the common problems most pressure washer faces, need more detail; just hang around, I will be running another post from an interview with an Internet friend who actually deal on machines used for power washing in St. Louis. he will be highlighting some experience gotten from running a closely related business as our topic