Types of curtain rods

Curtains require beautiful hardware that can meet the owner’s exact needs. There are surprisingly a large number of curtain rods available and you will be surprised by the sheer variety of curtain rods available, ranging from woods to metals. You will have to choose between metal and wood custom rods. Typically, Wood rods are larger and ornate while metal rods are more modern and chic. Whatever your style is, the correct Finials will transform your design from drab to fabulous. Also, ┬árods are available in a huge array of styles, finishes and prices. If you are are in the process to install new windows, you should definitely consider this options.


These are decorative pieces attached to the ends of curtain rods which creates a finished look to the rod. They can be found in different styles. Though some curtain rods come with the finial, some manufacturers also offer an assortment to mix and match.

French Rods

French style rods comprises of a curved return to the wall instead of finials. For light to medium weight curtains, these styles are preferable. It is the best of all these rods work due to a wide array of decorating styles ranging from traditional European to contemporary chic. There are other French rods in different diameter sizes.

Spring Tension

These rods are available in round and oval. Typically, the round is an inexpensive option that can be used on metal windows or doors in order to prevent drilling holes in the frame.install new windows

Cafe Rods

This is a basic rod that adds some decorative touch. Typically, a smaller rod in 1/2″ is usually for lighter panels and 3/4″ is used for heavier panels. Cafe rods are usually mounted inside the window frame. It is not uncommon to see some people who have a rod at the top and the bottom of the curtain panel. Cafe rods are ideal for kitchen windows and any window that requires a shorter curtains.

Sash Rods or Swing Arm Rods

The are used on doors and sidelights.They are usually available with a swivel end which will let you rotate the curtain 180 degrees so as to have easy access to the window.


They are good for holding back drapery panels to the sides of the window and can also be used as scarf holders at the frame’s top. They usually add a nice decorative element to windows.

Classic Rod

It is an adjustable pole with ornamental end caps (finials), which can be attached to the wall with brackets.